1How long do the flame resistance safety properties in UR-Shield garments last?
FR protection in every of the UR-Shield products will never wash out or wear out. The safety features of the shirt will stay en force up to 50 washes! That’s because flame resistance property isintrinsic in the fibers, contrary to those treated fabrics where, protection can wash or wear out over time. This also helps in keeping the garment light-weight.
2Can I wash my garments FR garments from UR-Shield?
Yes, but follow the guidelines below: For Knit Garments • Keep Machine wash warm • Tumble dry low • Do not treat with bleach • Do not iron or use starch • Do not treat with fabric softeners For Woven Clothes • Machine wash warm • Tumble dry low • No bleach to treat • Warm iron only if required, but adjust to lowest setting only with a light -weight cotton fabric between iron and garment. • Avoid using fabric softener • Avoid using starch
3How can I tell when I should replace my high-visibility shirt?
Fade color contrast or pale yellow, low or no reflectivity, and fading reflective tape can render a hi-visprotection garment not fitted for continued use. Replace your shirt when: • Shirt fabric is faded, ragged, dirty, soiled or worn, lowering the contrast. • Tape or trim is flaking, abraded, or colorless. • Shirt is not easily observable at 1,000 feet (day or night).
4What sizes are available?
By the grace of God Almighty, UR-Shield takes pride in producing FR-oriented garments for every size & body shape with specific sizing guidelines .In order to know more about your customized sizing guide or size chart, please feel free to contact us anytime.