Become a Fashion Statement with Our High-Street FR Clothing. For Passion. For Victory. For Energy.

High performing FR garments.

Born on the forefront like a true savior ; UR-Shield is ready to deliver you with some of the most exquisite , advanced FR protection garments to wear for your industrial move or athlete love .

We are proven on track by mingling up with some of our top featured inherent flame resistant clothing collections to inspire youth &seniors, being a trusted label for the most risk-taker industries. If you are that sooo comfortable person then, we won’t mind in being your BFL!

Comfortable fabric is a better fabric.

Yes, its lightest weight & coolest to put on! Stay comfortable at job or while home during those sun-breaking days &nights!

Feel the difference with UR-Shield fabrics that won’t easily ditch on wear out or wash out even wont melt-off if God forbids, exposed to flames. Just take the one from us for free & test it. You would love to shop again! Self-speaking,cozy fabric wears for top athletics. Keeps moisture buds away from your skin with 4X cooling side- effects!

Stay enforce –Even after 50 washes!

Just speaking the truth here: Strong fabric & most state-of the-art wicking technologies make UR-Shield a resilient choice for all outdoors. Stay focused on your day out because we promise you safety features with stay en force up to 50 washes! Damn believable!

We are extremely enduring& passionate to drive your masculine style &strength on –screen.

Industrial Safety

Europeans rely on us for power. We depend on each other!

When it comes to workplace safety,something youexpect from your garment is definitely the SCC triad- safety, comfort and compliance. UR-Shield has you covered all.

What we have for you are the most strong quoted 8.1 oz fabric, 100% cotton-designed, water-resilient shirts to wear while working at your stations to deliver that perfect safety match while keeping those macho looks of yours,untouched. Long shirttail, no butt cracks...It’s apromise!

Electric-safety FR garments

In compliance to the NFPA 70 standards for Electrical Safety at Workplace; UR-Shield has some of the electrical Arc-rated apparels, stitched genuinely to protect the workers against those hazardous flash works or sparks while, delivering matchless comfort.

From base layer to outerwear, our electrical safety collection is assorted to meet the criteria of a top FR protection label for every crowd. Whenever you need an arc flash shirt for yourself, turn confidently to UR- Shield for something full of performance.

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